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Grading – 5 May


On Saturday, 5 May 2018 Atos Brisbane will host it’s first grading for 2018.

Gradings are an important aspect of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It provides an opportunity for students to be rewarded for their dedication to training and an indicator of the elements of their training that can be improved.

Atos9Promotions consist of either an addition of a stripe/s to the students’ current belt or a promotion to a higher belt level. The addition of a stripe is a sign that the student is progressing through their current belt level. A promotion to the next belt is an indicator that the student has satisfied the expectations of the previous level and that their Professor is confident they are ready to embrace the challenges expected of a higher belt.

Gradings are particularly important to competitors in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as it determines the level they compete at within a competition and dictates what they can and cannot do during a fight. Competitions run by separate organisations have different rules for different belt levels so it is important the athlete is aware of what they are allowed to do during their fights.

A student should not be discouraged if they do not receive any promotion at a grading. They should see it as an opportunity to excel at their curre nt level, before they are promoted. Atos7

The grading on 5 May will commence at 10am. Jiu Jitsu gradings are different to gradings in other martial arts as the students will not be required to perform certain moves. The format Atos Brisbane adopts is mostly an open mat.

A number of “super fights” are held where certain students are selected to compete against other students. The atmosphere is supportive and encouraging where the fighters are pushed to do their best.
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